Time : Q3 Hours
Instruction to Candidates:
1)      Section -A is Compulsory.
2)      Attempt any Four questions from Section - B.

Section - A


What are the bases for classification of data?

Maximum Marks : 60




(10 x 2 = 20)

b)      State the basic principles for forming a grouped frequency distribution.

c)      State the properties of determinant.

d)      State the properties of matrix product.


Find the middle term in

3        2x'

f)       Find the value of (101)' using Binomial theorem.

g)       Define terms, deduction method, induction method and conjectures.

h)      Define power set, equal sets and comparable sets.

i)       If A={1,2,3,4,.5}, B={1,3,5,                  7,   9} andC={2,4,8,             10}

Verify An (BuC)= (AnB)u(AnC).

j)        What is the angle of elevation of the sun when the length of the shadow

of a pole is     ,,f73  times the height of the pole.



Section - B
Q2) Calculate the median and mode of the following frequency distribution
Annual sales
(Rs' 0000                       Frequency
less than 10                         8
less than 20                       20
less than 30                    35
less than 40                     55
less than 50                     62
less than 60                       67
Is it possible to calculate A.M? If possible, calculate it.


2    4      3        2
3     6      5,      2
Q3) Find the value of       2     5      2    -3
4     5    14     14
Q4) State and prove Binomial theorem for positive integral Index. Q5) Prove by mathematical induction that
Q6) From the top of a cliff 150 m high, the angles of depression of two boats
which are due north of the observer are 60° and 30°. Find the distance between

Q7) A survey of 500 T.V. viewers produced the following information:
285 watch foot ball, 195 watch hockey and 115 watch basket ball. 45 watch foot ball and basket ball, 70 watch foot ball and hockey, 50 watch hockey and basket ball. 50 donot watch any of the three games. How many watch all the three games? How many watch exactly one of the three games.