DU-B.Com .1st Year -2009- Business Organisation and Management-External


B.Com .1st Year -2009
Business Organisation and Management
Time allowed: 3 hours Maximum Marks: 75


Note: Attempt five questions in all. All questions carry equal marks.
Q.1 (a) Discuss the various aspects of project feasibility study .
(b) What is a Business System and what are its elements?
Q.2 (a) What are the elements of economics environment of business?
(b) What is the impact of politico-legal environment of business?
Q.3 Discuss the components of marketing mix. Why is it important to have a right marketing mix?
Q.4 write short on any two of the following:
(a) B.P.O
(b) e-commerce
(c) Service sector in India
(d) IPO
Q.5 Discuss the scope of Financial Management and explain the financial decisions to be taken by the Manager.
Q.6 “Management is the coordination of all resources through the process of planning, Organising, staffing, directing and controlling in order to attains stated objectives.? Comment of the above statement and describe the function of management.
Q.7 What steps are essential in the process of managerial decision making? Also discuss the limits of rational decision making.
Q.8 Distinguish between:
(a) Maslow’s Theory of need Hierarchy and Herzberg’s two factor theory.
(b) Theory ‘X’ and theory ‘Y’ of McGregor.
Q.9 Why do inter group conflict s arises? What are their ill effects? How would you prevent such conflicts?
Q.10 (a) What are the reasons for human resistance to change?
(b) Write short on “strategies to overcome the resistance to changes?