Business Organization






BBA-101: Business Organization

Max. Marks: 100

External Assessment: 90

Internal Assessment: 10


Note: There will be eight questions in all. A candidate is required to attempt five questions including the question no. 1 which is compulsory. Question no. 1 will comprise of six short answer questions. All questions shall carry equal marks.



Distinctive features of different forms of business organization; sole proprietor, partnership-characteristics, registration, partnership deed, partner’s rights, duties and liabilities, dissolution of partnership.


Joint stock company-Concept characteristics types, formation of company.


Co-operative and state ownership: forms of organization, nonprofit organizations, Forms of Business organizations in new millennium.







C.R. Basu : Business Organization & Principles of Management

P.C. Tulsian & Vishal Pandey : Business Organization & Management

Frank R. Mason : Business Principles & Organization