Code of Criminal Procedure – II


LLB Paper Code: 304

Subject: Code of Criminal Procedure – II L4 C4



This paper focuses on procedures dealing with criminal cases.






Unit-I: Introduction to Trial Procedures (Lectures – 09)

The charge

i. Form of charges

ii. Joinder of charges

Evidence in inquiries and trials

General provisions as to inquiries and trials

Provisions as to accused persons of unsound mind.


Unit-II: Trials and Execution Proceedings (Lectures – 09)

Trial before a court of session

Trial of warrant cases by magistrates

Trial of summons – cases by Magistrates

Summary Trials


Submission of death sentences for confirmation

Execution, suspension, remission and commutation of sentences


Unit-III: Review Procedures (Lectures – 09)


Reference and Revisions


Unit-IV: Miscellaneous (Lectures – 09)

Maintenance of wives, children and parents

Transfer of criminal cases

Irregular proceedings

Limitations for taking cognizance

Text books:

Rattan Lal & Dhirajlal – Code of Criminal Procedure

R.V. Kelkar – Code of Criminal Procedure



S.N. Mishra – Code of Criminal Procedure

Ganguly – Criminal Court, Practice and Procedure